Thursday, 8 December 2016

Last Day of Technology 2016 - MetalWorks,Food Group,Graphic Designs

Today was the last day of technology, Throughout the whole year I have enjoyed technology with class mates and friends. It was such a amazing and fantastic Experience from my first year of technology.

Next Year I would be a year 8 student with lots of experience at Tamaki College Technology Groups.
My best highlights for Technology would be Food Group, because making different foods/salads is amazing.inspirational and such a good way to tech kids my age to know about the different tools used in the kitchen, how to clean up after yourself,keeping safe around shape and dangerous kitchen tools & learn how to bake and cook different meals.
Our Food Group teacher was very strict but very good teacher to help us along the way.

I Really Enjoyed it at Technology This Year.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Camp Raglan - My Best Lightlights

WALT: write about my best highlights.

Last Week was the week us Year 7 & 8's went to Camp Raglan. It was a very Fun Experience and we made lots of Fun and  unforgettable Memories.

My Best Hightlights at Camp Raglan is when we got to Camp Raglan everyone was excited on the view and excited on what was going to happen during our stay. we all ate our lunch and talked to others.
we looked out and saw the amazing views and Raglan beach

I Loved how when we went to Raglan Beach all the Groups created amazing,creative & Fabulous Sand Sculptures and i like the cheerful,growth mindsets that the Students used while we all made sand sculptures and the integrity everyone had. we couldn't wait until we settle into our cabins

The Food & Desert at Camp Raglan was Delicious and had Fantastic taste. We all really enjoyed it for our first day Camp Raglan. we already started to enjoy it there and we can't wait until tomorrow.
we all talked and used our manners while recieving our plates of food. It was amazing, it was the best food i have ever tasted.

The Most Best 2 Highlights were Fia Fia Night and The Amazing Activities done at Camp Raglan.
We all Enjoyed the laughs and the amazing talents at Fia Fia night and Activities.
everyone showed there talents and performed something amazing that night.
I never wanted to Leave

I Would like to Improve on how i can communicate with my team and other students at Camp and at school. It would be such a great thing if I could participate more in Group Activities so i can use TeamWork more.
Our last night was the most amazing,shocking,wild and Fanatastic Last night at Camp Raglan I really enjoyed myself so did other people
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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

T.E.A.M Shield - Together Everyone Achieve's More.

WALT: draw an Amazing,Fabulous & Creative Sheild that define's T.E.A.M which stands for Together, Everyone, Achieves , More.
Today i drew a sheild which had some symbols on it.
The fab looking wolf with the crown represents Bravery and Self awareness,LeaderShip. 
 The Cowboy with the 2 hand guns represents Faith,Risk Taking  and The Shield Loyal on it Represents well Loyalty,Honour,Bravery,Faith,Hope & Friendship which all Relates to T.E.A.M. 
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Monday, 21 November 2016

My Camp Goals - Camp Raglan 2016 - T.E.A.M

WALT: Write Peronsals goals you want too achieve at  Camp Raglan.

Today I wrote a few personal goals I want to achieve at Camp Raglan,Me going to achieve those goals will help me build confidence,growth mindset,integrity & teamwork.
I'm very looking forward to going to Camp Raglan tomorrow because it would be my first time & i'm looking forward to be havig fun with my class mates and friends and getting to try new fun and delicious things.

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Celebrating Me!! - What Makes Me Unique - Why Should I Celebrate Me?

WALT: Makes a Poster about why should I celebrate me?

Today we talked about why should i celebrate me and what are the kinds of things makes my personality/self Valuable and Unique

What I Thought About Myself?:

  • I am a Hard Worker
  • I am Respectful to others and Visitors
  • I am Creative Learner
  • I am Passionate about my culture and wellbeing
  • I am Supportive Towards others
What My Friends Thought about Me:
  •  A person to Hangout with beause your fun!
  • A am a Good gamer and person in Natural and Wellbeing 
  • You are very Lovely 
  • your very creative and nice and Kind
  • You make us laugh and smile 
I Loved how my friends and class mates wrote very supportive and positive comments to others and me.
Here is a Screenshot of My Work 

Friday, 11 November 2016

The Family who Survived an Attack - Narritive Writing

The Family who Survived an Attack

A Long time ago in Paraki Springs lived a Happy family there names where:
Lily the mother,Dustin the Father  & There too kids.  Sam   & Kyla they were both 13 but were born different days  & months. They lived on
Dolan st. Lily was Pregnant with a Baby Girl they were going to name her  Lucy they both agreed.
One Day they went to the Beach to cool of. They all had a wonderful time. Sam  & Kyla were swimming in the ocean *splash* went the water . Lily  & Dustin were sitting in the sun  & Having something to eat.

It was getting late  & the Kids were tired. They Packed up  & Went to the Car *slam* went the door  & Off they went home.. It was an amazing  & Hot day the kids were asleep  & Lily  & Dustin were sleeping when *Ahhh* went Lily she was in Pain *ahh* it was her stomach it was in pain. Dustin carried Lily out to the car & Told Sam  & Kyla to hurry & get into the car. *Brrr* went the car & off they went. Dustin Took Lily to the hospital.  It was 3am in the Morning  & they have been waiting for 30 minutes since they have arrived. Finally the Doctor came to talk to Dustin. He said *we have good news Lily just had a baby* Dustin was shocked *Dustin ran into the room where their she was the new baby girl. *Lily looked tired  & Happy. Lily H&e the Baby to Dustin. The Baby smiled,Dustin smiled back. He kissed Her on the Forehead. Lily was tired  & She needed some sleep so the Doctor said she will stay for 3 more hours to sleep & you can see her after her nap. 3 hours later & Lily was awake & she was eating her breakfast. Dustin,Sam  & Lily came to see her & bring her Home. Lily smiled & got up & they lifted.

1 year later Kyla  & Sam were finally 14  & Both went to Water Park for there Birthday.Lucy turned 4 Today & they were Planning a Party for her.
Sam  & Kyla helped out Make the Place look nice  & Make the yummy foods for the Party.Lily  & Dustin were so happy  & excited. Lucy loved to Play outside with their Dog Luke  & their cat mr Midnight. Mr Midnight was dark as night  & Luke was Bright like the sunset. Lucy was Playing with Luke  & Mr Midnight they had a great time. Rolling around  & Playing tag. Sam  & Kyla was Making Caramel Slice it was Lucy’s Favourite.
They Finished the Food  & it was time for Lucy to open her presents. Lily  & Dustin Got her 7 presents in them were A Teddy bear,  a Big toy Car for her to ride in, a Dollhouse, A Girl doll,A Swing set, Toys  & A Toy Phone for her to play with. Sam  & Kyla got her a Big Chocolate Egg With a Toy With someone Lollies  & Money. After Opening  Presents they had an amazing  & Delicious dinner. *mmmhmm* it was so delicious said Sam. *it was* Said Dustin

Later that night Kyla  & Sam Heard someone Break in & went down stairs to see who was it. It was  man in black he went into the kitchen  & grabbed a Knife. Kyla  & Sam waked up Lucy  & Their Parents. Dustin Got the Bat  & Lily had a gun so if he tried to Stab one of them. The Man walked up stairs looking for them He finally found them & went to attack. They Bumped her over making him hit his head. Sam  & Kyla ran outside with Lucy  & Rang the Police. While Dustin  & Lily tired him up. They were in relief. Lucy was crying in fear  & Terror.
They were wishing for their parents to be alive.  They waited & waited until they parents finally come out with the old man In handcuffs. *Mummy  & Daddy* said Lucy as she ran to them. *Lucy wait up* Sam  & Kyla ran across the road to where their parents were.  *aww lucy* Said Lily when she picked her up.
Lucy smiled. Dustin Smiled back . They were tired  & they wanted to go to bed but the police needed to see if the house is alright & good for the family to go back in.

It was finally over. *Huh* said Kyla  & Sam. They finally got into the house & got some rest. Lucy  & Dustin fell asleep on the couch. Sam  & Kyla Went to their rooms & got ready for bed.  The next day they went to the Pools to cool off & have a fun time & forget the troubles they had last night.  They were happy & blessed to be  happy &  safe .  they were finished & they went home  safe  &  sound.   I wish you never comes back & hurts us again.
They  went home  & had their dinner it was delicious. They Prayed for protection for their family  & Friends. They got ready for bed & Dreamed.

it was finally  & they are going to  grow up go up into young  & Mature Adults  in the future  & I hope they make the right decision.  

Participating & Contributing - Relating to Others - Camp Raglan

WALT: write about what we did this morning about what to except at Camp Raglan with the 2 Key Competencies.

This morning we did a group discussion about the 2 Key Competencies - 1. Participation & Contributing 2. Relating to Others.

What does Participation & Contributing Mean To My Group:
  • Co-operating
  • Contributing into group Discussions
  • Responsibilities
  • Activitly Involved 
  • Confidence
  • Sustainability
  • Creates Opportunities
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Participation
What Does Relating to Others Mean To My Group:
  •  Accepting Each Other
  • Respecting Property & People
  • Co-Operation & Negotiation
  • Effective Communitcation
  • Understanding Rules and Listening
  • Interacting With others
  • Agreements
  • Positive Attitude
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Image result for Relating to Others

My Number one thing I want to look Forward to at Camp Raglan is The people there, The fun activites that we all as a group are going to enjoy, Friendships & Making new connections and friendships with others.
Going to Camp Raglan will be a very big experience for me since i love being outdoors and experiencing new and wild things & going to camp with friends will be my first time.