Friday, 31 March 2017

My Love Story Through Poetry/Song

Well This is My Love Story Through Poetry/Song ,This is Just a song about Me and My Friend Kenny. Hope you guys like or love it i won't mind :D
okay here it goes, Hope you enjoy :)

My hands are cold,heavy like gold
My heart is melting like ice cream in the hot sun,without the sun, there is no fun
I like this boy that i thought was normal and sweet, he thinks he is a killing machine, Hes lost but i think he' neat,but all he tells me is that "I'm a freak". 
 He says he likes me & trust's me with his lovely but demon soul, I love him and ill never let him go.
I stay up endless nights with him, He tells me he's never been with a person like me. 
He's never found love or has somebody.
I kiss his crying sweet face, but love isn't something you need to embrace.
Love is a feeling  you have in side,Love can Live and Love can Die.

Its been 10 years since that day, we made a happy family, him and me,
our 2 children are turning 5 today, it feels like time just flew away.
He hugs me and tells me i'll never let you go, I love him, He loves Me, and now we have 2 kids, What a Happy Family :).

50 years past and I'm dying very soon, 
Kenny well be back here soon.
He arrives with tears on his face. 
holding my hand in his.
He tells me I'll never leave you.
But I Tell him look after our kids and stay here.
My eyes fill with water and my face with tears.
He kisses my face and lays next to me.
In Few a minutes we die in peace... =...(

There that is My Love Story Through Poetry/Song
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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Taimana - Our Maths Learning

WALT: Design a playground using fraction knowledge.
Today we did a group activity, we had to work out how to design our playground. 
it was fun and I enjoyed learning new things. My group did well and designed our playgrounds it was amazing. Here are some pictures of my learning and leave a comment down below to help me with my learning journey :D

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Tuna (Eels) Longfin eels & Shortfin eels

WALT: Take notes about the longfin eel.
Include information about its migration.
Include information about its risk of population decline.
Remember habitat is describing the place it lives - not just the country!
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:D Thank u

Thursday, 23 March 2017

My Mandala Art @2017

My Mandala Art!! :)
Create your own digital mandala.

Thinking about its purpose - remember that Mandala art is about meditation, calmness and connecting to the world around you.  What will your Mandala be about?  Your family?  Your environment?  

Think about how you want it to look - symmetrical (the same on each side), neat, tidy, calm.

Think about the colours you will use - why have you chosen these colours?  What do they represent and how do they relate to your overall message?

My Digital Mandala Represents Peacefulness & Kindness.
The Inner Circle means Love - Love can be shown in 4 different ways which is amazing.
The second inner circle represents Even though people can hurt you and put you down, you can always shine light to lead you and others to a brighter path .

The Third Circle Represents Brain Connected Brain cells that help me learn and find out different things I didn't knew about before

The Last Outer Circle Represents Bonding/Whanaungatanga because I am trying my best to make new friends with the Year 7's and I'm trying to be a Good Tamaki Primary Student Council

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Comparing Beautiful Art - Mandala Art Vs Maori Koru Designs

Compare these two images:  one is a mandala design, the other, is a Māori koru pattern design.
Today I answered 3 Key Questions - What is SIMILAR about these designs, What is DIFFERENT about these designs, What is INTERESTING about these designs
I answered all questions with all that i know, but comparing both amazing designs were hard. I Explained all that i know between both designs.

Please leave feedback and feedforward on my work so i can improve on my work and blogging. :)

Meaning of Mandala Art? - Why is Mandala Art important to our Taha Wairua

WALT: answer the 3 main questions about Mandala art, explain why you choose that answer and explain the effect that happens when you do it.

Today I explained what I think mandala art means to me and tried my best to answer the questions the best I can. I explained why I think the circle shape is significant when reflecting on life, Why it is important to work on achieving a healthy Taha Wairua - Spiritual WellBeing & Why i think it is important to be mindful/Calm/Centred in life?
Thank you for reading and leave me some Feedback and feedforward so I can work on my blogging skills. :)