Thursday, 30 June 2016

Technology Reflection

WALT: write about what we did at technology
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Today we made a banana cake. We used different ingredients to make it.
It was a fun experience and i love making cakes.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Technology Reflection

WALT: write about what we did for Technology
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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Poetry About My Favourite Thing My Favourite Thing is Poetry

WALT: write about our favourite thing.Please leave a comment down below
Poetry About My Favourite Thing
My Favourite Thing is Poetry

Roses are red & the sky is blue.
Nightmares are so scary  that's all true,
time at night i try to fight,
the worst things i have ever feared in my life.

Things can go wrong but everything feels right
,at night i hug my teddy bear tight.
Days are bright but terrible at night,
all i want to do is fly my kite.

Shivering in fear
,all you can hear is the feeling of terror,
you can see a little boy behind u in the mirror.
Days are long with sunny clouds and the fresh air,

my fear in the breeze and blowing my hair everywhere.
climbing trees with the cold breeze,drinking cold frozen drinks give me a brain freeze.

Time is a setting just a state of mind, looking for clues in a mystery is hard to find,
chasing dreams are fun to do,
staying happy is fun too.

Stars at night are exciting and bright,
it’s a beautiful sight,
but i can’t see it in the morning
when i fly my kite.

Roses are red the night sky is blue,
i like trying something new,
tricks are exciting and fun and clueless,
i'm going to keep living my life to the fullest.

I’m so loyal and wise,
I watch as the bright sun rise.
i love animals and gaming,
It’s funny,exciting & clueless but true,
i don't like winter because its gives me the flu.

I love to swim it’s fun in a pool.
but bombing is dangerous but cool,
Taking my time to work out the hard things in life.
people are so mean it’s cuts like a knife.

People always hit me and push me into the dirt.
It’s so bad it hurts.
Taking my time. getting my learning out of the way.
It was my brothers birthday on the 30th of May.

I Love Poetry It's fun to do. I Love to do it How about you?

Responding To The Text - My Name is Mina

WALT: respond to the text SC -  I can explain and describe the one main key idea.
Today I Describe The Key Idea of It doesn’t matter what other people thinks about you.
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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Food Technology T2W7

WALT: write about what we did for technology.
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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

My Profile Rap: About Myself

WALT:  share appropriate information about myself on my blog.
My Profile Rap

Hey My name is Paris,
My Hero is Calvin Harris.
People think i’m kinda short.
But i’m brainy & Self taught
I love soccer, I Love to Rhyme,
I love to draw all the time.

I’m from Samoa and over is the best.  
We are cool & better than the rest.
I’m samoan, Maori, British, Cook Island & German.
But you can’t judge the fact - you don’t even know me.
People always get the best of me,
But i’m strong and i can’t wait until i’m free.

Room 10 is the Best,
Room 10 is so cool  
And we have the best learning tool.
I’m so cold at night, I tried to fight ,
the worst things I have ever feared in my Life.
NightMares are so scary,
Dark and a Mystery,
New Zealand has the most history.

My cat’s Fur is like
the darkest of the night.
But in the morning he's like
a tiny bright light.

My Sisters are so cheeky
& they make me mad.
But My only Brother
is the best mate I  have ever had.

He stands by my side, hand to hand.
He is caring & he is growing up to be a man.

I think of things
I don't know about in my mind,
But I got my friends and family
by my side.

Time is just a setting
& a state of mind.
I have been bullied a lot
when i was only nine.

You people out there
comment on my blog,
God is my Witness
& My Pet Dog.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Technology Reflection: Cooking Group

WALT: write about what we did at techology
Today at techology we made chocolate Muffins.