Wednesday, 7 February 2018

I am back for another year of blogging at Tamaki College!

i am back for another year of blogging at tamaki college
i finally get to share my learning with you all once again!

i hope you all are having a good first 2 weeks at school!, i am happy to be back to learning at tamaki college!

thank you all!

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

My Home Town

This is Point England, There is a school and a beach that you can amazingly visit during your stay.

The locals are very kind and greet you with a wave. 
This is my HomeTown where i lived for a year since i've moved from Glen Innes.

Here is 3 places you should visit.
The Beach is awesome, you can jump off a mighty rock or go out fishing in the fishing area. 
it is mostly used by families, since it is a good place to spend time together or with just friends. 
it's really a active place where people eat with there food or play in the sea. 

Chinese 4 star takeaways - Point England.
These takeaways are amazing,served quick and taste delicious. I know because I'm friends with the amazing owners and loved there food they cook. might be one of the best places of all. Come down to Chinese food and fish and chips in point england reserve where every local loves the chips.

there isn't a lot to see in PointEngland, But there will be more i swear.
Thanks For Reading Have a Great Holiday!

Monday, 8 January 2018

Special Events - How Does Your Family Celebrate it??

On Special events like: Halloween and Christmas - Who cares about birthdays am i right? lets just get lots of presents on christmas and lollies on halloween. #Best2EventsEver. just kidding, don't take me seriously guy. but really those two are the best ;)

Lets talk about Christmas. It is where everyone comes together and celebrate the meaning of family and not only giving love but also receiving love in the presents you recieve.

For lots of people they involve culture into it by cooking and bringing traditional foods. Sadly my family isn't like that. But we make home made food. what isn't better then cooking food that you love to make with your family. To be honest it tastes way better then buying stuff from the Pizza shop or take aways.

Most events we make home made food except Halloween,Easter and Birthdays. We buy chocolate eggs and chocolates,Candies and birthday cakes and presents.

This is another task I have done during my holidays. Hope everyone  was safe on Christmas and New Years.

Hope to see you all in 2 more weeks.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Art Deco - Ratings for an Astonishing Piece of Creative Art Work

Hmmm This Piece of art.... Well i get it a 1 star, it is trash and doesn't have any creativity - Just Kidding! 

This Picture  is a Astonishing,Creative,Surprising and Wonderful piece of Artwork done by Tamara De Lempicka.
I give this a 4/5 because of its originality and simple piece that can be describe in many ways and one of those ways is Inspiring.

This inspiring piece can influence people of trying new things and dedicating himself to what thy love to do and Tamara has done that swiftly.

Thanks for Reading hope your christmas was Awesome! I know my was ;)

Friday, 22 December 2017

#EarnTheFern - Interviewing Bill Kini

Bill Kini won a gold for heavyweight boxing and was humble about it. since of his amazing attitude and his dedication it lead him on a path to success and also failure. but he never gave up! or did he?. I am going to tell you all 4 questions i would love to ask the inspiring boxer.

1 - throughout boxing, what was your motivational inspiration/quote  or person in your life that kept you going and trying harder?

2 - can you tell us all about the sacrifices and the motives of becoming a heavyweight boxer?

3 -  if you never became or was motivated enough what would you rather become or was a backup hobby?

4 -  Tell us one interesting fact about heavyweight boxing that can help us get an idea of heavyweight boxing

Thanks and thats all for today ;)

Maori Phrases Translated Into English

As we all know, maori men and women settled here long ago before the british men and women found this mighty land and tried to claim it. we all know who would win in a fight, *cough* Maori People, just joking... or am i? ;).

Anyway maori and british men and women never got along because of language differences but eventually made a treaty of waitangi to make rights towards maori and british people.
Now the Maori are very outnumbered by different cultures from around the world.
but people are still skeen to learn some maori or a lot of maori now and then.
here the are phrases.

Nau mai ki Aotearoa is a welcoming phrase which means "Welcome to Aotearoa"

____ is my name is an introduction/greeting phrase that includes your name meaning Ko Paris toku ingoa in maori.

What is your name? this phrase is translate to He Aha to ingoa in maori

He pai taku ki te takaro i te whutupaoro, this is translated to I like to play rugby in english.
  1. Where do you come from? is translated to no hea koe? in maori.

I have tried my best to translate them all.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Poi Rakau - Maori Traditional Game

The Maori Game I Chose to talk about is Poi Rakau, This game I have played at school. it was an awesome experience and everyone enjoyed themselves. I recommend everyone trying out this game because of its awesome type of playing style. Here is the link to the game if you want to watch it again.

The name of the game is Poi Rakau

The main goal is improving hand eye coordination and also increasing confidence around rākau. Dont forget to have thought ;).

The 2 rules are:

  1. the rākau placed standing up on the ground and wait for Maui/Matou to be called out. The players leave their rākau and move quickly to the left or right trying to catch the rākau before it touches the ground.
  2. A player can be out if they don't catch the next rākau or make a bad pass (where the other player has NO chance of getting to the rākau before it hits the ground or is poorly stood up).